We will be a global leader in providing high quality, value-added, engineered solutions to preferred automotive OEM’s that shield the vehicle and its occupants from noise and heat at the source.

To achieve this strategic vision, we aspire to reach total customer satisfaction by continual improvements in quality, environmental stewardship, industrial performance and manufacturing process efficiency in all of our business activities. Delivering first class products on time with added value service is our target. This is determined by the following success factors:

Zero Defect Strategy

State-of-the-art technology and qualified suppliers are the basis of our product quality. But only with the cooperation of all employees, beginning with the product design and on through to the production and shipping, can we successfully deliver the high quality products that satisfy our customers’ needs.  During all activities, prevention prevails over detection. This is addressed by quality planning during the product design phase, the tooling and equipment planning phases, and ends with the daily execution of assigned tasks.

Environmental Protection and Occupational Health and Safety

Fundamental to our management system is the compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and our internal obligations. The regular review and optimization of our processes and the desire to reach ambitious targets lead to constant improvements in environmental stewardship as well as occupational health and safety matters.

Partner of the Global Automotive Industry

The global orientation of our customers, their platform strategies, associated implementation of different customer specifications, and expectations within our company are fundamental to our expansion. By providing a strong presence in the market, we want to consolidate our reputation as a competent and reliable global partner of the automotive industry.

Employee Satisfaction

Training and skill activities offer the opportunity for everyone to demonstrate their skills, enhance their capabilities, and communicate past successes.  These activities offer participants a forum for advancement in the company. A modern working environment, cooperative employee attitude, and the possibility to participate directly in the success of the company all contribute to employee satisfaction.

Cost Control

We optimize our processes and financial performance through cost-oriented behavior and rigorous strategic planning. A detailed reporting that affects all processes enables us to quickly arrange necessary corrective or preventive actions. We relentlessly search for areas of continuous improvement by applying systematic approaches such as Lydall Lean Six Sigma and kaizen.

Social Responsibility

We actively take social and ecological responsibility of the company.  This is demonstrated in our willingness to create and maintain qualified jobs and apprenticeships in our region, as well as in our activities regarding environmental protection and the development of environmentally friendly products.