The Zero Clearance® product line is comprised of a unique series of adhesive backed thermal insulation products. The base composite is thermally efficient, strong, and resilient, and it can be tailored to a multitude of substrates and application environments. The Zero Clearance® composite consists of a high temperature, high tack adhesive that is laminated to a low conductivity fiber core. The needled fiber core is designed to withstand large axial and shear forces common in automotive underbody environments. The outer surface of the composite is a low emissivity aluminum foil, which complements the low thermal conductivity fiber core by reflecting infrared radiation energy.

The time to design and release a Zero Clearance® heat shield is on the order of weeks. And tooling investment is markedly lower than stamped heat shields, giving this product excellent value in investment and time sensitive projects.

A complete list of the combinations of fiber cores, aluminum foils and specialty adhesives can be found in our product data sheets. Do not hesitate to contact us for product application support – we are quietly keeping it cool.