The para fluẍ®  product in the Lydall fluẍ thermal and acoustical shields product family is designed to provide a marked temperature drop in high temperature applications. The dual metallic layer product has four functioning low emissivity surfaces, which lowers the IR heat flux. The metallic surfaces are decoupled by a layer of air, which dramatically lowers the composite’s thermal conductivity, while improving its recyclability, mass and cost.

General Performance

  • Two metallic layer IR heat shield
  • Low emissivity, parallel surfaces for high IR environments
  • A heat flux reduction 1/3 greater than single layer shields
  • High lateral thermal conductivity to spread heat away from hot zones
  • Low vertical thermal conductivity (air) to increase the temperature drop across the shield
  • Hemmed edges for handling safety and increased product robustness

Metallic Layers


  • Hot Side and Cold Side
  • Commercially pure 1000 series is common;
  • 3000 and 5000 series are  also employed
  • Flat or embossed
  • Shield Tmax < 300 °C

(i) Stainless Steel

  • Austenitic and Ferritic grades based on temperature, environmental and economic constraints.
  • Flat or embossed
  • Shield Tmax < 1000 °C

(s) Aluminized Steel

  • Various draw steel grades
  • Various aluminized coating weights as a function of environmental/corrosion resistance requirements
  • Flat or embossed
  • Insulation Layer

(n) Air

  • Thickness can be varied based on packaging space
  • Low thermal conductivity / Lightweight / Fully recyclable /Quasi-Free