The iso fluẍ® product in the Lydall fluẍ thermal and acoustical shields product family is  a  thermal  encapsulation  that  serves  to  protect sensitive components from heat radiated by the exhaust line and maintains thermal calories in the exhaust line to facilitate catalyzation and filtration processes.  A low thermal conductivity fiber is placed in direct contact with the exhaust line component and is covered with thin metal layer.

Metallic Layers

(i) Stainless Steel

  • Austenitic and Ferritic grades based on temperature, environmental and economic constraints.
  • Flat or embossed
  • Shield Tmax < 1000 °C

(s) Aluminized Steel

  • Various aluminized coating weights as a function of environmental/corrosion resistance requirements
  • Flat or embossed
  • Shield Tmax < 500 °C

(a) Aluminum

  • Flat or embossed
  • Shield Tmax < 300 °C

Thermal Performance

  • Low emissivity surfaces for high IR environments
  • Low thermal conductivity media in contact with the exhaust component
  • Combined functions: thermal shielding and isolation
  • Homogenous temperature distribution in exhaust component

Acoustical Performance

  • Decoupling of exhaust component with the engine compartment
  • Marked noise absorption
  • Higher transmission loss for better acoustic isolation
  • Option to pierce/perforate the metallic layer to increase the effective noise absorption area

Mechanical Performance

  • Hemmed edges for handling safety and increased product robustness
  • Roll and plate embossment provides an increase in part rigidity and improves formability
  • Wide array of approved and commonly used alloys available to exceed the requirements of harsh thermal and mechanical environments


  • In-house: hemming, spot welding or mechanical fasteners
  • Delivered ready to assemble – through similar or customer specific methods