Thermal Solutions

FlexShield® is a thermal and acoustical insulator designed to be directly mounted to any exhaust system – with particular application for maintaining gas temperature in urea injection systems. The shields are composed of high temperature fabrics that will withstand an aggressive thermal environment.

Features and Advantages

  • Very low tooling cost
  • Reduces temperature drop of exhaust to improve operating efficiency of exhaust after-treatment systems
  • High ΔT across the material to protect heat sensitive components
  • Significantly greater durability compared to foil tape insulation
  • Damps pipe vibrations
  • Absorbs exhaust noise for improved Acoustic performance
  • Easy to remove for quick servicing
  • IR signature masking
  • Various constructions available to meet the most demanding application  


  • Turbo Shields
  • DPF/SCR Insulation Systems
  • Urea Injection Pipes
  • Solid Exhaust Pipes
  • Flexible Bellow pipes
  • Custom designed for any exhaust system