Thermal Solutions

Lydall’s product line of battery insulators have proven performance to extend battery life by more than 25% by lowering electrolyte peak temperatures during vehicle operation in hot climates. These battery insulators are fluid, acid, temperature, and flame resistant and have been qualified through long-term durability at multiple OEM’s who have selected Lydall’s insulators to protect their batteries.


  • Reduces electrolyte temperature up to 25º C
  • Available in three versions to match the customers performance, aesthetics, and cost expectations
  • Designed to optimize fit, available space, and performance requirements.
  • Effective in thermal soak, convection and radiation environments
  • Reduces positive grid corrosion by high temperature battery acid
  • Reduces battery acid leakage, minimizing nearby component damage
  • Low-cost tooling and short lead times
  • Material thicknesses from 6mm to 15mm  


  • Underhood battery protection Custom fit to any battery size and installation