Thermal / Acoustical Solutions

Zero Clearance® thermal and acoustical insulation are an advanced alternative to traditional thermal and acoustical metal shields. Zero Clearance thermal and acoustical insulation are comprised of high-performance aluminum sheeting (various thicknesses available), a mechanically needle-punched fiber composite spacer, and a unique, high-temperature pressure-sensitive adhesive on the back for attachment with a micro-perforated foil for enhanced acoustical performance.

Features and Advantages

  • Low tooling costs
  • Short lead-times for production
  • Approved at several major OEM’s
  • Ideally suited for applications where little space exists for traditional stampings
  • Acoustical sound deadening benefits without the squeak and rattle issues of stampings
  • Withstands 246ºC (475ºF) oven test for 30 hours with no failure
  • Alternative adhesives available depending upon surfaces to be adhered.  


  • Underbody above exhaust system
  • HVAC thermal protection
  • Fuel tank thermal protection 
  • Air bag module thermal protection