Lydall wheel arch liners are Needlepunch 100% Polyester Fiber Composite with a High Temperature Polyester Binder System.  These durable products have an integrated Black Surface with High Strength & Toughness.

Features and Advantages

  • High Acoustic Performance and Functionality to Reduce Tire/Road Noise
  • Low Impact Noise Generation to Reduce Noise from Water Splash and Gravel
  • Product must survive physical and environmental exposures in wheel well application
  • Reduced Weight
  •  Reduced Noise Levels for Exterior and Interior Noise
  • Improved Comfort from Stone Impact and Water Splash
  • Reduced Number of Components


  • Light Duty – Passenger car wheel house liner
  • Medium Duty – SUV or applications requiring higher part stiffness
  • Heavy Duty – Truck applications requiring greatest part toughness and durability