dBLyte® fine fiber blend insulation is a high performance polyester fiber insulator composed of a unique blend of microfibers ideal for high performance thermal and acoustical insulating applications.  The product provides very high acoustic absorption and thermal insulating properties to provide maximum performance at low thickness and weight.  The unique fiber structure of dBLyte® FFB provides high internal bond strength and product integrity – eliminating the need for facing materials or edge welding operations often required with melt blown systems.


  • Low tooling costs
  • Short lead-times for production
  • Approved at several major OEM’s
  • Excellent acoustic absorption properties
  • 100% Polyester material is fully recyclable
  • Excellent thermal insulating properties
  • Available in 2D die cut or 3D formed parts
  • Resistant to interior and exterior automotive environmental conditions and operating fluids  


  • Interior trim acoustic treatments for door panels, package trays, plastic trim, HVAC
  • Instrument panel acoustic absorbers
  • Exterior trim acoustic treatments for wheel wells and underbody panels
  • Thermal insulation for headliner, wall panels, and floor systems