dBCore® hybrid gradient density insulation is engineered for the automotive customer that desires a product which improves the sound quality and comfort of their vehicle without the need of heavy weight barriers. 

This product is unique in the industry offering exceptional transmission loss and absorption performance in one premier product. High performance polyester (PET) layers embed a mass layer to offer an optimal solution. The PET fibers benefit the vehicle by decoupling the mass layer from the sheet metal. This allows for exceptional transmission loss through the system.  Gradient Density PET is used on top of the barrier layer with integrated airflow resistance properties to significantly improve the absorption characteristics.

Features and Advantages

  • Moldable
  • Utilizes recyclable materials
  • Excellent Transmission Loss
  • Excellent Sound Absorption

Acoustical Performance

  • High acoustic absorption performance
  • Transmission loss and vibration decoupling from decoupled mass system
  • Transmission loss properties can be tuned by altering the barrier weight and decoupler properties  


  • Undercarpet Systems
  • Dash Inners
  • Rear Seat / back panel Insulation
  • Localized Insulation