Lightweight dBCore® exterior tunnel insulation shields are engineered to provide both excellent sound attenuation and thermal protection in underbody and underhood applications.  Constructed of an integrated polyester core, coverstock and aluminum foil, these shields have a thermoplastic binder that provides excellent moldability to contour with vehicle design.

Features and Advantages:

  • PET fiber structure offers high part strength and toughness
  • Low part weight with high NVH performance
  • High thermal protection to underbody components
  • Fully Recyclable Composite with Recycled Material Content
  • Resistant to exterior automotive environmental conditions and operating fluids

Acoustical Performance

  • High acoustic absorption performance
  • Transmission loss and vibration decoupling from fiber core
  • Tuned composites available for improved low to mid frequency absorption 100-2500Hz  


  • Tunnel insulators
  • Exterior dash insulators
  • Hood Insulators